Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Four-Legged Baby

Its been a while since I posted about my four legged baby...Brink Brink.  Everyone always says that when babies come along that animals in the house take a backseat.  It is true, but I still love my Brinkely just as much as I did before CH.  She is a funny and quirky personality...she is the most selfish Golden Retriever I have ever known...most Golden's are people pleaser's but Brinkley just wants things her way and she will push and push until she gets it or until I yell at her enough that she gives up.  She is sooo soo sweet and tolerable with Collier; even when he drives his tractors on her, sits, stands, jumps on her and even steels her sticks...and I am so thankful for that.  She  sleeps at my feet, most nights and she will sit in my lap if I am crying.  She is obsessed to a fault with the tennis ball and she loves to swim!  At times she makes me wonder if she is a dog or a standing on the arm rest of the couch...who does that?  Especially at 80-something pounds? She is Chief-Beggar as long as Collier is in his highchair and will usually partake in anything that Collier will drop to her.  She sleeps under the bed and behind the toilet (strange, I know and she barely fits but has done it since she was a tiny puppy).  Like I said, she has a funny personality.  Regardless, she is a sweet and loving little puppy.

On Thursday of last week, Mom, Collier, Brinkley, Abbey and I loaded up the car and headed south!  There is a lady near our lake house who is a doggy groomer and at a much LOWER price than we can find in Birmingham.  It is worth the trip to get to stay a night at the lake and get our four legged girls all trimmed up!  Brinkley looks awesome and I hope to have a little less hair around my house...oh wait who am I joking!  I will just have shorter hair all around my house!  Oh well.  She has her summer hair cut and looks great.
napping together in the car

These two are really big buddies and the bigger that Collier gets the more that Brinkley is taking to him.  He is still quite rough on her and thankfully she is tough enough to take it.  She is still a momma's girl but I do slowly see her taking to Collier more and more.  When he wakes up from naps and is crying she stands at his door.  When Collier walks in the door she covers him with kisses...he is usually welcoming of the kisses and giggles but there are times that he doesn't want her in his face.  He is quick to tell her no no and feels the need to correct her when she is doing something she shouldn't scratching, itching, trying to take his food, wanting to get out the front door.  Way to sweet!  I am really glad that she is part of our family...strange and quirky or not...she is my sweet girl!

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kaci said...

shannon, collier is so precious. wilson and i were in here looking at your blog and he was laughing at collier and brinkley in the wagon, so cute! i miss you friend, we need to all get together soon, it's been way too long!!