Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I am usually a Sunday grocery shopper, I wish that I wasn't because it is sooo crowded on Sundays, but that seems to be when I get it done.  But this week I was off schedule for some strange reason and didn't go until yesterday.  I have tried really hard with the couponing thing...I want to save money and do better with our grocery bill...Justin is always saying that I spend way to much at the grocery so I really put in a lot of effort and have really been coming up empty handed. The most I seem to be able to save is around $25-$35 each week.  My friend Amy has been doing awesome and had some huge savings, I asked for a few of her tips and the two biggest things that stuck were to put my coupons in a small organizer that I could carry in my purse (have with me all the time) and to actually look at the weekly ad for Publix and circle what I need.  Try and plan my menu's around what is on sale and what I have coupons for.  I have not been good about getting a Sunday paper for the past few weeks, but I get the majority of my coupons online anyway.  Ok let me get to the bottom line. I paid $60.87 yesterday and SAVED $51!! I was so excited I could hardly stand it!  The most I have ever saved is around $38!  Hooray!  Lets see if I can consistently save like this??

I love the longer day light hours and when we got home yesterday, I threw our dinner in the oven and we headed outside to finish up some planting and run out some energy.  Collier was thrilled when I unrolled the water hose - this boy loves playing in the water.  He has a very mischievous and funny personality, much like his Daddy.  He takes the hose and points it straight at me and says 'maamma' with such a coy little grin.  He  actually sprayed me yesterday and I about died....I did my best not to laugh because that only encourages him, causing him to do it more!  Plus I didn't really want to get drenched.  I did manage to catch that coy smile and him spraying into the wind, that first time the wind blew the water back on him he was just tickled.  More, More, More, More!

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Amy Kennedy said...

YEA!! That is awesome Shannon! That's almost 50%! It's so rewarding to see the total before they subtract the coupons, and then to look at your receipt and see all that money coming off at the end. I really got hooked after I (finally) saved alot at one of my trips-but that took awhile-like 2 months before I really started saving a good bit. From then on I started saving more and more every week. Are you going to Hoover Publix on 31? I heard they take Target coupons too, on top of Publix and manufacturer. Love, love that i heart publix website-makes it so easy to match up coupons to the sales. Sorry for the long comment-so excited for you!