Saturday, April 2, 2011


We have really been blessed with how well Collier has been. And by 'well' I mean he really hasn't been sick all that much. I hope that I am not jinxing myself. I don't really believe in that because I know that God is in control of all things and there is no jinxing God....He has a plan! So with that being said, We have only had 2 sick visits to the doctor with Collier. Anytime that he runs a fever, runny noise and/or is more fussy than normal I go straight to the teeth. I immediately assume it is his teeth. I have no idea what I am going to blame once all of his teeth are in! So far I have been right, except the one time he had a few allergy issues which is one of the two sick visits mentioned above. So, Wednesday he started with a runny nose and for the past week the boy has been gnawing on his fingers. The nose and drool are constant for the past several days.  The fingers still remain the the mouth at all is basically a miracle that he has any fingers left at all!

I am just praying that these little teeth will break through and he will not be hurting any more.  He is so tolerable of the pain...I know it must hurt and for the  most doesn't act like they are too bad.  I am so thankful for that. 

Yesterday I spent part of the day in the kitchen...having a blast.  I made homemade ice cream that turned out pretty good...I needed to let it churn a little longer than I did but other than that it was delicious.  I have made note of that and plan to make it again. I also made pizza dough for us to have a Chicago deep dish pizza last night with friends over to enjoy.  Great ending to a fun day for us! 

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