Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dothan Visit

We went to Dothan for the weekend.  It was a great and fun weekend.  Justin got to hunt with Chris on Saturday morning while Collier and I headed to the park to run out some energy.  I have read and heard great things about the park at Westgate and have been dieing to try it.  WOW is all that I can say.  It is HUGE and has something for all ages!  Lots of room for running and Collier really enjoyed it.  We drained as much energy as possible and then put him down for his morning nap before we headed to Elizabeth's 2nd Birthday party.  It was such a fun party and it was just right.  It was actually a joint party...cousins turning two..  They had a hayride and the Collier was thrilled to see the tractor...  After the party we then stopped by to see my brother and his family. That sweet baby Hayden fell asleep right in my arms and my heart just melted.  I just loved seeing Collier and Ashlyn play and get to be with one another.  Collier loved his time with Papoo and Nunny.  Papoo out did himself with dinner both nights...we ate well to say the least!
on the hay ride...We keep our fingers in our mouth at all times lately!  Hello Teeth.

Elizabeth and Eddie with Justin and Collier

CH with Ash on the Tractor...I am so glad my brother has a tractor b/c it makes ch very happy.

learning to PULL the wagon instead of pushing it...from a very good teacher, might I add!
This is the little angel that feel asleep in my arms and I didn't want to let her go....
The weather has turned off a little cooler this week.  I just love it because it isn't too hot but also not cold cold.  A lot of people are missing the warmer (upper 70's) temperatures that we had last week.  We got a little glimpse of that spring time weather but I know better because in Alabama we don't have much of a spring...it goes from freezing to flaming hot, with a huge dose of humidity.  So, compared to what is ahead I will take any sort of cooler and colder weather!  I am very thankful for the rain that we've had and for the cooler temps!  It means that I get to wear my boots a few more time before they get stored away for the summer!!

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