Thursday, March 3, 2011


I started this post on just getting around to adding pictures and wrapping up....

What a blessing it is that we have had the most amazing weather I could ever dream of.  If I didn't have to work I would park myself outside and not come in!  I almost sort of did that this afternoon and I locked myself out of the house...that is taking it to a whole different level.  Funny thing is that Collier was inside taking a nap and I was stuck outside without a key.  Mom had to come and rescue me...Boy am I thankful that they live close :)  Back to the weather, now I know what it is like to live in San Diego - except they have it like this year around.  Aah-Mazing!  I am just thankful for the past few weeks of perfectly blue skies and the sun shinning bright with just enough cool in the air and breeze to knock the hot out.

Has anyone seen Collier?  I can't seem to find him through all of that hair....

Wah-La!  There he is!  All handsome and trimmed up.

I've been in a conference most of this week and I got to hear and meet Chette Williams (AU's football Chaplin)  He was amazing and has a great story and is doing really great things for these young men who come through the AU Athletic program...and much much more!  I am looking forward to a fun and relaxing weekend and hope to soak up some more of this awesome weather!

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