Monday, March 7, 2011


Collier has really been using his words lately.  He has times where he will say a word that I can not believe that he can say and then other times that he speaks a totally different language.  I think I may have mentioned that I got Justin a new guitar for Christmas and Collier loves when he plays the guitar.  As a result he plays the air guitar a lot.  In the car the other day I could hear, what sounded to me like, he was singing.   It was very soft and when I muted the music he stopped.  There are times that I will hear him humming, and it cracks me up. I finally caught it on video.  I have no idea what he is singing or humming but it is really funny because he becomes very serious.  His expression is so intense and serious and Justin and I just burst out laughing and he immediately following with laughter.

I have to apologize for how loud I am...I forget that the mic is on the front of my phone, so it sounds like I am yelling.. I sort of am over the music. And yes I normally bob my head when I am singing in the car....I know exactly where that comes from :)

My little man jamm'n out!

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