Monday, March 21, 2011

Hello Spring

Gosh the weather this weekend was amazing.  You never know if Spring is actually here or if there will be one more swing of cold weather...but either way...I am so thankful for this weekends weather. Collier has slept past 6:30 the past three mornings which has been awesome.  We have gone for walks/runs and played at the park, Friday we went to the park by Spain Park High School and then Saturday we headed to the preserve.  We have spent countless hours in the swing in the back yard as Collier puts it 'swig hiiii'  He love to swing and he likes to swing slow or low swinging for this little munchkin.  We played with trucks and cars and of course with Brinkley.  He is getting better and better with hitting the ball off of the T..mostly hitting the T but when he makes contact with the ball it goes pretty far.  We ate lunch outside all weekend which Collier really loved.  I have mentioned that Collier is talking so much!  I wondered if he would ever really talk and put words together and we are there!  No full sentences but words for everything.  Justin asked last night how does he knows what everything is - and I am honestly not sure either. He is a lot like his daddy in the sense of being quite a funny little man.  He loves to make us laugh and then will continue to do whatever is making us laugh.  So cute!!!
Yum fudge-cycle

He was telling the bee's 'no no'

Playing cars with Pops and G

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