Thursday, November 13, 2008

What's Your Opinion?

Ok, so I am curious about what you think...Please do share. Do you think that Christmas has come t0o early to the commercial world?

Christmas is my favorite holiday of all time (Yes, fall is my favorite time of year). Plus my precious husband is a Christmas Elf himself. We both love Santa and await this season all year long. We put up our tree as soon as we can as we are sure to have Christmas Village and all of our other decorations up soon after Thanksgiving. Although Justin has already asked if I would start putting it up...needless to say I am hold off for now. All of this in remembering the true reason for this special season is to celebrate our Beloved Saviors Birthday - that is reason enough to put an extra joy in your life.

Knowing how much we love and enjoy Christmas, I just feel that the retail stores have started a little early. What do you think?


Gail said...

Hi Dear, I have to admit...I am really OLD! LOL... I can remember when....Santa came and put up the tree on Christmas Eve...NO LIE...It was so exciting to see it all on Christmas Morning. I kinda miss that today. I know it's a great time, but my goodness the stores are already decked out. I even saw a lawn last night all lite up! LOL.. Tooo soon I am thinking! Anyway, enjoy this time of the year. What a gift God gave us all. Just think on that! WOW!!! Love, Gail

LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!!! said...

I don't think it's too early for retail stores to put out Christmas stuff...because people like me want to go ahead and buy it. =)
On the same note, I think it's a bit early for people to start decorating their houses. I have also seen Christmas lights on...and I'm like what happened to Thanksgiving?
Congrats on being pregnant! Do you have names picked out? I imagine that is the most fun part!