Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Eve & Day

Christmas Eve we decided to go to the early church service that was toddler friendly.  It was a very good service with lots of children participating in the Christmas pageant (next year Collier will be able to participate) that was just too cute.  We then had a relaxing afternoon before Santa stopped by on his route around the world to delivery toys (this is a fun tradition that has been in our family for years and one of my most favorite and cherished memories every single Christmas).  Collier acted like it was no big deal at all for Santa to be in his house!  I may have been as excited as he was! He was too funny.

Christmas morning he woke up thrilled to see that Santa came back and ate his cookies and brought him a 'chtooter'.  He got on it immediately and then rode all around the house on the scooter, needless to say he was very happy.  He was also happy to hear that he could finally OPEN those presents that had been sitting under the tree.  I was shocked that he didn't immediately get into the gifts under the tree and his stocking.  After he rode on his scotter a little he was ready for his morning 'nanna' and tv time.  It was perfect as it allowed me to get breakfast cooked and we ate before opening gifts.  It was really nice, fun and relaxing.  We then showered and headed to Mom and Dad's for the afternoon/evening.

Funny side note: Brinkley got up in the middle of the night 
and ate Santa's cookies.  thankfully Daddy realized it and 
replenished for Santa :) 
(grandparents:CH doesn't know this....our little secret)

The next day was equally as good, another day full of playing with new toys.  Time together around the house and just a day at home.  I didn't leave the house all day yesterday, matter of fact I didn't even put on makeup or shoes which really made me happy.

I am working slowly on getting our house organized, cleaned out and in order (as much as I can with all of Christmas decorations still out).  January is going to bring some major re-arranging to make room for little Ms.Priss!  Should be fun, but certainly a challenge in our little house :)

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