Sunday, December 4, 2011

A weeks worth of catch up

Hold on tight, here we go:
It is December and I can hardly believe it.  Did you see is December people! I am excited and afraid it is going to go by way to fast!  I'm trying to take it all in but feel so busy at the same time.  So, I am going to catch you up in pictures real quick:
Our Elf 'Miles' arrived and brought CH a nativity set.
 He really likes the nativity set and plays mostly with the donkey and cart..We are wroking hard on keeping in perspective what Christmas is all about!
 December 1st also brought the first day of our Advent Calendar.  hooray, I actually got it done (well almost, I still have a few more 'ornaments' to make but 20 of the 25 are done!) and we get to hang an ornament after breakfast each morning!
We went and go our tree!  And Collier wanted to help the boy scout's in showing off all the tree's.
 After allowing the tree to 'fall out' [according to my Christmas Elf - that is Justin, not Miles -  that is the rules] we got lights and ornaments on and it looks awesome.  This is just a fun year as he is starting to learn and understand all that goes into Christmas.
 As Justin and I were putting the lights on the tree, Collier kept wanting to help and be able to do what we were doing.  He stood on a stool while we were on chairs trying to get the top portion of the tree.  After a few minutes he hung his head low and slumped his shoulders forward and said 'I not tall, I too small...I just no big'  It was just too pitiful and I almost fell off of the chair laughing.  He is just devastated to be 'small' right now.  I assured him that one day he would be big like Daddy but it just takes some time.
He has decided that he likes to sit on Daddy's head...aka his shoulders...but he wants to crawl up there all by himself.  Not exactly fun for Daddy, especially as he is crawling up!  Thanksfully Daddy is a good sport and love this little boy a lot.
 trying to give Brink hugs.  
I worked from home one day last week and got a break long enough to get our outside lights up.  When I went and picked Collier up and he saw them for the first time his mouth dropped open and he said 'My lights, oh wow, we need more'. He is JUST LIKE HIS DADDY!  Way to funny.

Collier's helping attitude continues.  He was thrilled that Justin pulled out the blower and rake to clean up the back patio and yard.  They worked for a solid hour and Collier was still upset that Justin was taking a break.  The child just loves to help.  Another example: we went and got our hair cut on Friday and Mrs. Ginger asked if he wanted to get the broom with her.  Well, little did she know that he would want to sweep the entire store and actually get it into the pick up bucket thing.  The child just loves to work.  He told her that there was 'more mess to clean' when she tried to get him to put the broom up.  

I'll share more this week on trying to get that right Christmas card picture.  It is a lot of work...but I finally figured out that marshmallows work great...for Collier and Brink!

It was a fun weekend I think that we got the majority of our Christmas stuff up and out and even the boxes back into the attic.  I am ready to sit back and enjoy this season and adventure through the eyes of my little man.  Two and a half years is really a fun age.  Have an awesome week and I am going to honestly try to do a few updates on a few things this week.

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