Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Week..A Big Change

It is just hard to believe that Christmas is so near already.   I want so bad for everything to be perfect this year.  As a result this desire has added stress for sure, self-induced stress that is!  I am trying to enjoy but at the same time trying to also pull it all together to make it all just right.  After all this is a very different Christmas.  This is our very first ever Christmas in Birmingham since Justin and I have been married.  Matter of fact, it has been well over 12 years (right mom) that we have done Christmas here.  I have documented that Justin (who is my real life Christmas Elf) and I love this time of year.  And so, for the most amazing and special time of year I want it to be extra fun and extra special this year since we are home.  We can do it our way and be on our own schedule.  But in that effort,  I feel like I am working myself into a freenzy and an un-necessary one at that.  Usually about this time I throw my hands up and say what is done is done because I have to start packing and getting ready to travel South.  But now, I have that extra time and can do those extra things that I think of.  But maybe I shouldn't.  Maybe I should just slow down and have the extra down time with my boys.  Just make the most of our time together rather than my time!    I wrapped up the last of my shopping yesterday.   I have several things that I want to bake but time in the kitchen is fun for me and I am looking forward to that most.  It is a little bitter sweet to have this huge change in schedule.  It is hard because we were used to going to Dothan and the Lake and making our rounds to be with everyone on Christmas.  I love family and think it is important to do and be with family, so I am missing that.  But I am excited that we are starting our new traditions as a little family this year  (It sounds and even feels a little selfish).  It is hard to try and squeeze in so much family time in just a day or two, so it has been nice to spread it out a little and enjoy a little more time with each family than we would if we did it like we normally do [have you seen Four Christmas'?  that was sort of us] .  But this year I really want it to be about Collier because never again will he have a Christmas all to himself.

Wednesday we went and saw Santa again! Collier is certainly comfortable with Santa and for that I am thankful! And then that night we met Lindsey and Hunter for dinner and then we all piled in Justin's car and drove around to look at Christmas lights. It was something that we've talked about for years and finally did this year. It was so much fun and we laughed a lot. Hunter and Justin are both critics when it comes to Christmas lights and they were not afraid to share their opinion. It was jut fun to be with friends and enjoy each others company while looking at all of the Christmas lights.    Collier was ready to 'go home' about 5 minutes into the ride and before long he was fast asleep, so he missed most of the fun but was perfectly content snoring away in his car seat as we enjoyed the lights.

Last night we had a pajama party at one of our neighbor's house.  it sure is fun to not have to plan or think of what I am going to wear to another function or party....We just put on some PJ's and walked across the street.  Collier and I didn't last very long but it was still a late night.

I have to run to the grocery and then to do a Santa drop and I will be done.  I will be ready to kick off my boots and just RELAX.  whew.

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