Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas - Round 2

Justin's Dad and Cher made the trip up to Birmingham to celebrate with us.  When I mentioned that we are not traveling this year, I know that I sort of made things complicated for the rest of our family.  But I am so thankful to have their support.  Although they may not like that we are staying here, they have not said anything and have been but supportive.  I certainly appreciate that and am thankful for my family...ALL of our parents are so awesome.

Thank you Papoo and Nunny for making this special trip up just for us.  I wish we had more time but I am thankful for what we did get with yall.  Very sweet of you to take the time for us.

Collier was so excited to get to open presents and he was even more thrilled with what was in those wrapped presents!  So much fun.... and I am not sure if Collier or Justin had more fun with the remote control tractor!  I will admit that he just looks so stink'n cute in his football stuff, it is just all the wrong colors!  He was brain washed by his Daddy before I even knew it and now his grandparents are reinforcing it :)

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!!!  Its almost here, I'm so excited.

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