Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Picture

It is just hard to capture the right picture, especially with a busy two year old little man who doesn't really care for the camera.  I don't even try to get all three of us but one day I would love to do a family picture.  It is hard enough to get a 2 year old (and a dog) to cooperate much less my husband :).

Right now collier makes this 'cheese' face and it is so extreme and over the top and he closes his eyes while saying 'chheeeeessssee'. Simply beautiful, right? ok so as his mamma I think it is sort of funny and cute.  There, I said it.
And then when I asked him to please open his eyes and give me a sweet smile this is what he gave me: yet again extreme with popping his eyes open and trying to keep a smile on his face.  This is way to much to think about.  This one makes me laugh.
All the while I keep thinking that if I can't get a decent picture there will be no card this year.  Which I am not sure who would actually miss that :0  Here are the rest of our attempts...
Oh the expressions can be so silly and most of the time I just have to laugh and then click to view the picture on my camera and wonder....could I use this one?
 Oh and then you have all of these very serious faces.  Which make up about 90% of all of my pictures of him.  The blank/serious face is the norm and the rest are just silliness.
I am glad to say that I found one that was good enough to use...thanks to a little editing I think that it did turn out ok enough for our 2011 Christmas card.

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