Monday, December 12, 2011


It was this cuties birthday this weekend.....
 he melts my heart
I love him in a million pieces
he cracks me up
he stole my heart many many years ago and I am so glad he did!

Happy Belated Birthday to my Justin.  I love him so much, I am thankful to have him.  He is an awesome father and wonderful husband.  I would say that laughter defines him and I am thankful for that - he helps me to laugh at myself and silly things that I do that I would normally get frustrated with.  He is a great provider and takes good care of all of us!  I couldn't ask for anything more!  Happy Birthday Just!

Our weekend was a little crazy and I did a bunch of baking.  I was taking brownies and cookies to a dirty santa party plus made red velvet cupcakes for the birthday boy!  Collier helped me decorate the cookies and then was my tester on the brownies!  We are sort of on a sugar overload around here!

Hope that your weekend was extra SWEET too!

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