Thursday, December 15, 2011

Project Big Boy Room

**NOTE: I started this post in October**
I have always said that I wanted to keep Collier in his crib as long as I possibly can.  I think that I've done that.  Although he is short of my goal of age 15, but with another munchkin on the way I thought it may be time to start moving in that direction.  I good friend of my Mom's gave us a full bed they were wanting to get rid of.  I went back and forth about what would be best to transition Collier to... a twin bed or a full size bed and this was just the Lords way of saying 'Here, go with the full and quit over thinking it'.  I am so thankful and very excited.  The one catch to this is that the headboard and foot board were once unfinished furniture (many years ago) and they have been stained, painted, painted again, and moved and chipped.  They need some special attention and that is exactly the plans.

After a few cans of paint and even a few spray paints, I finally found the one I liked the best.

I am very happy to report that this is our second week third month in the big boy bed and we haven't even looked back.  His crib is still up in his room....just in case he didn't do good but I do think that we are now clear for taking that down for a little while (at least until after baby arrives).  He loves his bed.  The first weekend he even went and got in it and took a nap all on his wasn't even nap time!  I was shocked!  We were all in the den, he disappeared and I heard him in his room, checked the camera and he had crawled in the bed and gone to sleep.

I still have a few things to do/find.  I don't really LOVE the sheets but they work for now and I forgot to buy a mattress pad.  Plus I don't have a bed skirt yet and I think that we're going to have to make one because the bed is pretty high.  All things I hope to get done in the next few weeks (UPDATE: none of these things are done yet and the honest truth is that it will probably be after Christmas before it does get done).  He still calls for us when he wakes up in the morning (doesn't get out on his own - even though he can), I am happy about that as I am not ready for him to get himself up just yet.   But for now, I am just very happy to report that he is doing great and I am super proud of him.
I will probably move the art work above the head board.  My cousin gave me some book wall shelves that I am thinking to put next t his bed instead of the pictures!  Again...all to be done after Jan. 1.  

I looked at him sitting on the couch this morning before we left for school and my heart fell a little because he is getting to be such a big boy.  His features are looking less and less like my little baby and more and more like a big boy!  

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