Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dentist and some ramblings

I have no pictures, I forgot my camera but then once I got in I didn't even think to pull out my phone to snap a quick picture....But just for the record.  Collier went to the dentist for the first time today.  It was an awesome experience and he did amazing.  He loved that he got to squirt the water gun and he got to suck water out of a cup using 'Mr. Thirsty', I have no idea what that thing is called, but the thing that sucks everything out of your mouth after it is cleaned!!  Anyway.  He let the hygienist do everything that she asked.  He got to do it all on Momma first and then she did it to him.  He was all cleared with a good report and no cavities but we certainly were told that we need to get rid of the passey....although that is not a surprise!  Brushing our teeth is certainly not the high point of our evenings and I was glad to hear that there were no cavities.
If you are in Birmingham and need an amazing pediatric dentist please let me know.  We went to Austin Powell (who is from Dothan a few years younger than me and went to Alabama with Justin) but he and his partner were more than wonderful.  Some of the nicest people and made the visit absolutely wonderful!

Monday I went to the doctor for my routine appointment and everything was great.  It was quick and easy and he said that I was measuring just perfectly.  I had some back pain last week that must have been related to sciatic nerve issues and a sore throat for one day which was related to who knows what.  Bottom line is that I've feel awesome this week with no complaints at all!  I am thankful and grateful.  This baby girl is certainly active and busy in my tummy.  Just can't wait to meet her in 4 more months!

I have been a bit scatter brained today...was crazy busy with work, which is awesome, but add Christmas thoughts to a crazy work day and you get crazy preggo woman.  I held my drinking cup (that I was carrying to refill) to my ear after I had dialed a number on my phone in my other hand.  And then I almost couldn't remember my phone number to give the lady at the checkout at Lifeway.

I am counting down the minutes until we get our tree [tomorrow after work] and Christmas stuff out.  Hope to have it all done by Sunday! Tomorrow marks the first day of Advent and we will start our calendar and a little elf will be arriving to meet and greet Collier!  Merry Christmas yall!

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