Monday, November 21, 2011


Friday Collier and I ran all over town and I have no idea what I actually accomplished except to get him good and tired and made it home just in time for him to get in a long afternoon nap.  We even saw Santa at the Galleria and there was not a single person in line or around.  So, we went to see what Collier would do and all he would do was hop around and dance in front of Santa.  He wouldn't talk to him, he did manage to give him a high-five as we were walking away.  Justin built two awesome fires last week that almost ran us out of the house they were so stink'n hot...but that is how we like it.  Funny that we have to actually open our front door to cool things off sometimes, but we still love it. Too bad it is already back in the upper 70's so no fires this week!  I did manage to make The Pioneer Woman's cinnamon roll's this weekend.  YUM and I'll be taking a few to share with family over the weekend.

Saturday night I participated in a burger cook-off (it is an annual thing that my work peps do and for some reason I got wrapped into it this year )  I did not win.  I did have fun ... but I made 8LB's worth of burgers.  I dreamed of raw hamburger mean Saturday night, even that Justin and I were sleeping in a pan of raw meat.  Gross.  Needless to say I do not want burgers for a very long time.  I have never mixed, squashed or worked with that much meat and I don't plan to do it again any time soon.  Not sure if it is the pregnancy or if that much meat is just too much for one person to deal with.  Clearly I am not cut out to be a chef.

I am a little closer to my advent calendar being complete.

I have not even thought about a Christmas card picture...I need to do that in the new few days so that I can find/order cards.  I am seriously thinking about doing new year cards to reduce stress and my lack of being prepared this year!  I have been horrible about taking pictures lately.  I will do better this week, I don't have a choice if I plan to get a Christmas card done.

I am really excited that next week we'll start really decorating for Christmas.  I am not sure that Collier understands it all but I really want him to learn the importance of Christmas and the real reason that we celebrate the Birth of Christ.  We will be home for Christmas for the first time since we've been married and I am so excited.  Collier is at a great age where we can start traditions and instilling in him what Christmas really means.  I asked him the other day whose Birthday that we celebrate at Christmas and he said 'Tollier's'.  Well not exactly baby we will celebrate yours in April.  Before that we'll have a big party for the birth of Jesus.  Just praying that this will set into his heart!

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