Monday, November 14, 2011


I think that I've started to many!  I love crafting but I honestly am not best at it, I want to be crafty but pulling it off is not my strong point.  Insert PINTEREST!  My solution!  It is awesome and addicting.  I love that I can normally find a how-to to projects and ideas that I love.

Part of the reason for these projects is that I am breaking a huge rule of my the request of my husband [aka my Christmas Elf].  And that is that he is ready to decorate and be in full Christmas mode.  For him that means lights, Christmas decor and Christmas village. I am usually a huge advocate for 'do not decorate until after holiday at a time please'.  He rubbed off on me a little with the Christmas music he has been blaring since last week [thanks to 96.9].  I'll try and actually take pictures of my finished products but here is what we worked on a little this weekend...

 painting to make these for my centerpiece
unpacking...I did get this done!  Hooray.
My advent calendar.  I started working on this three years [yes YEARS] ago.  My ideas have changed over time and I decided that it will be done and ready for Dec. 1st this year.  If I don't hurry and it get done I'll change my mind again.  This is what I spent the majority of the weekend working on.  I am almost done and I will be oh so glad when it is!  So will Justin since he is sick and tired of felt being all of our house!
I have also been working to teach myself/remind myself from the few lesson's had I from my grandmother how to crochet around a blanket.  My Gran made the best blankets and it was always her staple baby gift and everyone loved them.  As she aged she slowed down due to arthritis in her fingers and her stock pile quickly was eliminated.  I did a small blanket to get me started and finished it in about a week.  I am about to start on my next which will be a bit bigger. I think that I figured it out and it is not perfect but close to how hers looked!   

Next on my mind is Christmas shopping!  Let the fun begin.

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