Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Our trip south for Thanksgiving was fabulous.  We got a little time with almost everyone, not to mention we had the most delicious food that anyone could ask for!  After time with Justin's family we headed to the lake for time with my family and more yummy food.   Mom and I actually decided to change the pace and cook Arabic food (kibbie, grapeleaves and arabic rice) for our Thanksgiving meal.  After having the traditional (yet yummy) turkey, dressing, dumplings, etc it is nice to have something completely different for the weekend, so it was really fun to have the food that would be traditional if my grandmother was still alive!  And those left overs are just as good as the turkey!

I only took a few of the kiddo's all together and I didn't take any pictures while we were in Dothan...shame on me!

 Chris and I are both in mixed marriages (auburn vs. alabama) and so all of our children are doomed to be completely confused.  Collier is in a sweater because I was trying to get a good Christmas card picture on the dock and mom wanted one with all three of them and sadly this was as good as we could get.  Good news is that they really do have a good time together, but their expressions just don't show it here.
Do you see this precious hat?  It has turkey legs on the side (the brown paper sacks)...and the middle said "Collier the Turkey".  All of the kids wore them as they ate their thanksgiving lunch at school.  They were so precious and most of them actually wore their hate the entire time for lunch.  It was really so funny and very cute.  Collier has great teachers!

We really are over flowing with blessings and have so much to be thankful for! God's love, grace and mercies are abundant and I am every so thankful!

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