Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat'n Cowboy

Our very first trick or treat outing was really awesome. We have some good friends who live in a very child-friendly and family oriented neighborhood/community.  They did a hay ride and were oh so kind to invite us.  I totally enjoyed the time with sweet friends and it helped to have experienced trick or treaters to show Collier the way.  All that I had to say was 'hay ride' and Collier was ALL IN!  I had a very hard time getting him to keep his hat on and so I told him that if he didn't wear his hat he couldn't get candy and that did the trick.  Since he had older girls to follow he didn't have to exactly say trick or treat.  I personally like the people who actually give out the candy verses the ones who let the kids dip into the bucket and pick out their candy.  I am sure the kids prefer the later.  But Collier would dip in as long as anyone would allow him.  And at one house who was actually giving the candy he had already received his candy and he continued to stand there holding his pumpkin open waiting for more.  He would then very loudly tell them bye as he walked down the side walk.  He was all about the candy.  I was very glad it was dark and he really couldn't see how much was actually in there.
The Hay Ride was awesome and took us to various streets.  We rode around and saw some crazy crowded houses and streets and would stop anytime we were ready for more adventure, go to a few houses and then back on the hay ride.  It was really fabulous and a great way to do Halloween.  Collier and William (the Big Bad Wolf and his sister was dressed as little red ridding hood....how cute is that?) are about a month a part and I just know hope that they will grow up to be big buddies! They certainly are two cute little men.

Going through these pictures I just realized I also forgot to put on his bandanna!  Oh well, I was glad he kept the gun, holder and hat on!  I know that we will have many more fun and memorable Halloween's in the future.  

One other side note that I was NOT prepared for:  All of the other families on the hay ride with us brought sweet goodies specifically for the kids on the hay ride.  As in really good sweets such as sugar cookies and s'mores packages.  I showed up empty handed and will make a note for next year to do something special specifically for those we trick or treat with!  Oh well, call me the rookie trick or treat'r!

Thank you Joel and Alison for having us and including us in your fun Hay Ride.  It sure was a great treat!

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