Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Little Dancer

Last night at CBS the children's program sang for us.  It is just precious and I am so thankful for our children's teachers and all that they do for our children and especially instilling in them God's word and truth.  This was Collier's first time to ever be on a stage [of sorts] and in front of a large crowd.  He only gets into one song but isn't short of moves and playing air guitar.  Some of the camera shaking is me laughing.  I was so proud of him for not running to me as soon as he saw me,but he did really good to just stay up there and sort of participate, sway and even yawn.  He just cracks me up and I think that he certainly entertained others as well with his dancing and jamming out!
WARNING: THIS IS 6minutes LONG...MOSTLY FOR MY RECORD AND FAMILY TO SEE THE LITTLE MAN!  Please don't feel obligated to watch it all :)

Few notes:
-When the little girl crawls in front of CH, he was stomping his boot at her and I was terrified he was about to kick her.  We had a long conversation about that when we got home.
-Toward the end when he is clapping, he points to me and he was telling me to clap too!

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