Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

I love carving our pumpkin every year.  It is a fun and I have very strong memories of doing it as a family growing up.  I think that Justin and I have carved pumpkins since the first year we started dating.  Justin enjoys it as much as I do.  It is also lots of fun to see the difference in perspective of each completed Jack-o-lantern. Justin likes scary, I like happy!  This year we invited Lindsey and Hunter over and we had a great time.  The guys did the blue print for the Jack-O-Lanterns and carved them.  Lindsey, Collier and I were there for the gutting and pumpkin seeds.  It was the first year that Collier actually got to participate with the pumpkin.  He was in bed by the time the actual carving occurred but I think that the fun with the ooey and gooey was just right for him.

Saturday our friends down the street had a huge party.  It was very nice to just be able to walk to their house and walk home.  There was an awesome band and Collier danced all night with a glow stick that he found.  He didn't last long with his gun and holster, his sheriff star broke and was lost and he will NOT wear his hat!  Tonight should be interesting   We're only going to a few houses just so that he can at least experience the concept of Trick or Treating!  Look out candy here we come....

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