Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Brings...

I love fall for so many reasons but the weather alone is a good enough reason to love this season.  It brings reasons to be outside, football, soups, pumpkins, halloween, boots and beautiful colors.  Not to mention it ushers in winter and I am all about a good reason to build a fire!

Justin had his annual guys golf trip this past weekend which meant Collier and I were solo.  Friday we headed to Aldridge Garden's for the morning to just enjoy the coolness and plus I needed a good excuse to take some pictures of just him...since I haven't done that very much lately [partly because I can't seem to get him to sit still long enough].  Not that I thought that he would at the gardens but I thought it would be a good place to at least try.  He did pretty good and was very patient with me snapping so many.

It was fun to see him have some free space and our time one on one was very fun.  He kept waving to everyone that would walk by us.  Such a sweet little man.  And then we came upon these ducks and we clearly didn't follow the directions of 'stay on the path' as he headed straight to the ducks to join in their fun.  I was that mom who just let him and stood back and took pictures.  I did have to threaten a spanking as he tried to kick one of the chicks...that is a big NO NO! and then we made our way to the tortoise and the hare!

Saturday we headed to the airport to pick up Mom [she was gone all last week to celebrate my Grandfather's birthday!].  We decided to make it a real airport experience.  We arrived about an hour before mom was to land and went in for Collier to really see the environment of the airport [we are traveling in a few weeks to tampa to visit my sweet cousins].  I wanted him to at least see the process of dropping off our bags and going through security so that when it was his turn he would at least be somewhat familiar.   It was good and fun and he seemed so comfortable. I just pray he'll be that same way on the day that we travel.  Traveling down to Tampa, it will just be CH and I as Justin will already be down there!  I am a little nervous to be doing it alone on the first round but he is so stink'n excited about going on a ride in the airplane that I think that he'll be fine.  Like I said...I'm just praying!
I also worked on a few projects this weekend which involved a lot of painting.  I did a little reorganization of a wall in our kitchen and when it is all done, I'll share the details.  I am also working on a big boy bed - painting it and will be sharing those details soon too!  But all of this projecting meant we made a few trips to HomeDepot and Lowes.  Here is Collier's reward for being so good while mommy shopped:
When we left church yesterday, he told me he wanted to go and ride the taktors!  Gosh he just loves those things...such a boy.  
It was a good  and busy weekend, but we are so glad to have Justin back. It is just better and more fun when Daddy is around.  Plus, last week we ended up back at the doctor with another ear infection!  Thankfully he has done rather well this round...just have a bit of a runny nose and cough that has finally gone away after a week! I think that his back teeth are still pushing through as he keeps his hands stuffed in the back of his mouth.  

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Amy Kennedy said...

Love C's precious fall pics and those boots-oh my goodness!! He is a doll! When is your big appt? Can't wait to hear boy/girl! Hope you're feeling good! love you!