Sunday, October 30, 2011


Ok.  Check these two recipes out. They were delicious and fun and easy!  Did I mention delicious?

First, these yummy soft sugar cookies coated in yummilious frosting.  You know the ones that are at the front of every store calling your name.  Well this is that only much better, softer, melt in your mouth kind of goodness.  I got the recipe from here. My frosting got a little loose and I was just too lazy to try and thicken it more than I already did. So, I just let it run off the side and it was just fine!

Then there were these very easy egg and bacon cups that I spotted on pinterest last week.  And here is the source for this perfectly easy and delicious in I wanted to eat all 12 but refrained myself since I did have a husband and child to feed.... Hurry make these for breakfast or dinner this week.  You won't be sorry.  OH and be sure to spay your pan before you cook them, I sort of learned the hard way on that...that is not a good step to overlook!
My skeleton loves eggs!
And the lastly, pumpkin seeds three ways!  I have always baked my seeds and they are usually perfectly fine.  But I saw [again] on pinterest that you could roast/saute them and they really turned out great!
Round One: I used this recipe with brown sugar, cooking spray
Round Two: I liked the sugar idea but thought that the brown sugar was a little heavy.  So, I treated the pumpkin seeds like I use when I candy walnuts for salads.  Just heat and sugar.  But I added a little cinnamon because I knew that Justin would love that...and I was right.  These were certainly Justin's favorite.
Round three: toasted them a little (on the stove top) and then added a little bit of butter, worshersire, garlic salt and cooked until they were done.  I was split between these and the cinnamon sugar ones!
Justin said that he preferred that I cook them in the oven but on the stove was just way easier and quicker.  I didn't have to worry about being sure that they were so dried out as when cooked in the oven.  Something different and yummy.

I'll catch up on our fun and busy weekend tomorrow!  Hope that you will enjoy a few of these recipes!
Is anyone else addicted to Pinterest?

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