Friday, January 13, 2012


Early this morning Collier woke up crying and calling for me.  Normally if he does this I let him cry it out and he will usually go back to sleep.  But it continued longer than normal so I got up to check on him.  When I walked into his room he had his hands flat together under his chin and told me 'I need you say praya'.  I think that heart jumped with joy.  

Me: you need to say a prayer, I'm glad to say it with you.  
CH: but I needed you [this is one of his most used phrases right now]
Me: i'm here lets say a quick prayer.  Are you going to say it with me or just me
CH: just you [as he rolled over and snuggled up with Maurice]

I said a quick prayer for sweet and good dreams and restful sleep.  \

CH: you not tired. don't go to momma's bed
Me: I am very tired and you need to go back night night so that we can get up and play in the morning
CH: just hold me two minutes [this is also a newer request over the past week....especially since not having passey.  but with me growing it is hard for me to hold him, as much as I really want to.  So I just snuggled up and pulled him as close as I could to me to 'hold' him]
Me: let me hold you laying down for just two minutes and then I have to go back to my bed.  
CH: I not want my door closed
Me: I'll leave it open for you.

I laid with him for a few minutes and then told him to go night night and that God was with him always and loves him so very much and then I headed back to bed.  We both slept soundly until almost 7am this morning.

Love this little boy more than I ever could have imagined.  Such a sweet little man.  It is a constant prayer of mine that Collier would have a heart for God and that there is never a day that he doesn't know Jesus' love for him.

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