Wednesday, January 18, 2012


We have had two sleepless nights in a row.  I just thought that Sunday night was a fluke and was nearly as tired as I can remember being since having a new born [maybe God is preparing me for this baby girl] as he was up every hour crying for me.  Monday night I decided not to go to bible study and stay home with Collier. He acted fine but his eyes told a different story.  We had a low key and good night.  After we all got in the bed and prayed for good sleep and God's healing hand....he started crying about 20 minutes later, Justin went in to check on him and couldn't get him to settle down at all.  He was hysterical.  He even gagged and threw up he was crying to hard; not much but enough to have to strip the bed down.  I couldn't get him to tell me what was wrong or hurting.  Justin stripped and remade the bed and the whole time Collier kept pointing that he wanted to go night night.  He was up and down for the next few hours.  At 11:30 I noticed that he was swatting at his ear and it hit me, oh he has an ear infection.  For him to be crying as hard as he was and not able to get to sleep, that had to be it.  I gave him more motrin and he finally got through the night with a few solid hours of sleep.  Over the past 24 hours he has told me that his teeth and cheeks hurt him.  His right eye yesterday was red and glassy and his cheeks were rosey red.  We checked temperature several times and no fever.
After a quick trip to the doctor yesterday morning, my fear was confirmed that he has infections in both of his ears.  According to the doctor, pretty bad ones.  Reason enough to cry for me.  Antibiotic is now started and just praying that his little ears will be healed up  and he gets to feeling better.  He slept all night last night with only a few times waking up and stirring.  But even those few times he never cried or actually woke up.  I think that he was talking in his sleep one of the times.  Regardless, I was glad for him to have a full nights sleep....Justin and I needed it as well!

 And so it is setting in....this is very real now.  On Monday morning, when I could hardly get myself out of the bed because I was so hit me.  The struggle of having two babies!  Everyone says it is hard and different going from one to two babies, in my head I think 'yeah yeah, i know it is going to be different' but having one baby is hard and different too!  The light went off in my head.  How will we juggle a new born baby and a night like we've had the past two nights?  What if Collier is up sick at night and baby girl is needing to be fed? What if Collier is throwing a tantrum, baby girl is crying and I still need to do [dinner, laundry, cleaning, shower, work, etc).  It isn't a matter of if but when.  I think that I too often take for granite how good Collier really is - he is a good sleeper, a sweet child, pretty easy to handle.  But it is just in those times that he doesn't have a good nights sleep, when he has melt downs, when he refuses to obey, when he only wants his way and when he simply doesn't understand what I am saying.  It will be in the midst of those moments that having a second baby will be tough.  Tough, yes.  But I know plenty of really awesome mom's who do it every day and even with more than just two children.

It was just funny how it suddenly hit me.  Not that I haven't known we're about to have two babies, but just what is really involved in that.  I will be honest it does make me nervous.  It makes me very excited too though.  I just continue to pray and can't wait to see how God unfolds His perfect plan in our little family!

Do any of you experienced mom's have any suggestions and advice for me?  


Becky said...

honestly, the transition from no babies to one was the hardest for us. one to two really wasn't hard. because you are at home, you'll figure it out. there will be moments where he naps and she naps and honestly, you figure out that the dishes will still be there and it'll be ok if the toys aren't picked up. sometimes, you gotta get a little power nap and not feel bad about it at all. you'll have days just like that...where she is a cranky newborn and he is a cranky or sick toddler and you learn to just roll with it. if you go ahead and get it in your mind that it WILL happen and you CAN do it (because if i can, you surely can) then honestly, it will come naturally to you. that...and hide in your closet or sit on your porch and call your mama for a pep talk. works every time!

Amy Kennedy said...

I hope y'all had a better night last night Shannon. 2 things to be thankful for when it comes to ear infections: MOTRIN (our very best friend for Watson since he was born!!!) and good pediatricians and medicine for those ears. It's amazing how much better they feel so quickly w/those antibiotics!!I hope he is on the mend by now and that y'all have gotten some rest. Two was a big adjustment for us. But, you survive and do alot of praying! God gives you the strength and energy you need. And soooo glad your mom and dad are close by!