Thursday, January 12, 2012


I am 30 weeks today.  That means I only have 10 weeks to go....Yikes and Oh My Goodness!  This has flown by.  According to babycenter she is about 15.5" long and weighs about 3LB.  I went to the doctor today and everything checked out good...size, blood work, weight, etc.

There have been some differences that I've noticed this time being pregnant than I was with Collier.  I am very thankful that it has been a good pregnancy [Praise God- but so was my first time - Praise God again]

 I have  had some different aches and little more pains this round.  Sciatic nerve pains in my lower back and  legs.  I also had some weird pains through my shoulder and chest that the doctor explained had to do with my rib cage pinching different nerves.  Thankfully neither have been too bad and only lasted a few days at the most.

Movement - this little girl is A.C.T.I.V.E!  she does more rolling than Collier did.  At times [at least twice a day] I feel like she is about to kick or roll out of my stomach.  I even had a dream that she stretched out of my stomach so far that I could see her facial features...WEIRD I know!  But that is how I feel sometimes ;)   I think I felt her hiccup last night for the first time; unlike with Collier I felt them way more often and before now.  Her movement is just very different than Collier's was.

Although, over all I am probably smaller and have gained a little less weight than the first time I feel like my belly is much bigger!  I'll also add for the record that I still have plenty of time to catch up on the weight gain. I honestly gained way too much weight the first time around and have done better this time.  But with my Christmas eating binge and my sugar induced cravings over the past few weeks I feel that I am well on my way to catching up :)  Not that I need to!

My cravings have been very different.  I remember with Collier that I ALWAYS wanted hamburgers.  I could have eaten a good juicy hamburger every night if Justin would have tolerated that!  This time I have probably only eaten one or two since being pregnant and even the thought of making one grosses me out.  I have wanted chicken more though...chicken fingers or fried chicken any day of the week sounds good (although most of the time I refrain).  And certainly anything chocolate hits the spot.  I love me a coke float or a banana and icecream with chocolate on top....that is my normal desert.  The good news is that I finished off the ice cream and I am really going to try and NOT buy any more!  See what I mean when I said I am sure that I will catch up soon on my weight gain.

I carried Collier high, I am carrying Ms.Priss low! I know this is backwards from the old wives tale, but I am sort of backwards so maybe it fits :)

If Justin was to add anything I know that he would be sure to say my attitude has been worse this time around.  He says I have been way more sassy this time around; that is his nice way of saying that I am snappy and not exactly the nicest person to be around. He said I was sort of bad the first time but this time is 'through the roof'.  I am trying to do better and watch my tongue and how I respond and talk to him.  I don't want this to be miserable for him!!!  I said I am trying and I am not sure how well I am'll have to ask him for a progress report on that one!   He isn't the type that will come out and tell me this without me poking and prodding to get it out of him, which is nice but also bad for me when I am actually trying to do better and have no idea if I actually am???

We do not have any names.  I have a few that I love that Justin doesn't really like that much and then there are a few that we both really like but are very trendy and popular names.  I can't seem to get past how popular the names are,  I don't want her to have others in her classes that have her same name.  I may just have to get over that.  Do you have any suggestions of any favorite girl names that you know you won't need to use?  I am in desperate need of some suggestions.

10 weeks and counting and lots to do.  We are working on nursery stuff this weekend in hopes of getting the office converted into her room!  I'll keep you posted on our progress and would certainly covet your prayers.


Anonymous said...

Cory...for Kory!!!! why not?

Becky said...

I really like Harper these days. Is that one getting too popular? I like old fashioned/simple names as well, like Annie, Sophie, Brooke, Meg and Paige is a long time favorite. So simple but so feminine and strong, too. We had such a hard time choosing with AC...which is why she has a double name! We liked them both and when I would ask Luke what he liked, he'd just say "Ally Claire"...and so she is! (i didn't want popular names, either, but also didn't want them to be so unique that they sounded weird, know what i mean?)

Just wanted to say that it's such a blessing to read your blog. I never comment (cause i'm a loser like that) but you and your pregnancy have been on my mind a lot. I had gotten out of the habit of reading any blogs for...i don't even know...a long time. And i just believe it's God putting people back in my path that I need as encouragement. So, thanks for that!
lotsa hugs!