Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 Fav's

Instead of doing a recap of 2011...I would like to share my favorite parts of 2011! [which is honestly a recap, just not a typical slideshow type recap that I have done in the past]

These are in NO particular order:

1.  Priscilla Shirer bible study (Jonah) with the sweetest group of girls this summer.  I think the combination of the study, God's word and these ladies gave me the best spiritual season of the entire year! It was a serious time of spiritual growth for me that I am so grateful for.

2.  My little monkey turned TWO....it was fun to prepare and celebrate his birthday with a train party!  Loved it...It was just our families and it was just right for his 2nd Birthday!

3.  Making sourdough bread...I am not sure that I would say I achieved this to perfection, but I did make several loaves and it is not only fun to experiment but fun to find good ways to use the bread.  I hope to continue to work on this and hopefully get better and better at creating.  To be honest, I just love to cook and bake.  I am not GREAT at it but I do enjoy being in the kitchen and trying something new!

4.  Our trip to Tampa...Collier's first time flying.  Getting to experience the excitement of a new adventure plus our time with the Crews' is always extra special to us.  We also loved our weekend at the lake with all of them...

5.  Our Kitchen upgrades...I love having the extra counter space! I need to do a separate post on this one with pictures to document what all we did!

6.  Finding out that I am pregnant and then that it is a girl! what a HUGE blessing and answer to a life long prayer! OH my goodness can't wait to meet our little Ms. Priss.

7.  Collier started school - two days a week and even still we are adjusting and learning about this school thing!  He has done good, but it has been a year of adjustments!

8.  I am not sure that I would categorize this as a necessary favorite...but the fact of the matter is that Collier is getting to be a big boy.  As much as I want him to stay little and a baby, he won't but I will always view him as my baby boy.  But since he does have to grow up, I am awfully proud at how well he has done this year with some major changes[which all shout: 'I'm growing up'].  Experiencing and successfully achieving potty training!  Moving from his crib to a big boy bed.   As stated in #7 going to school.  Being in the children's program at CBS.  

9.  Justin and team [O'possum Trots] winning the Tri-State cook off.  It was just a really fun weekend but the  fact that they won like they did was just icing on the cake!

10.  Memory Verses....participating, learning and committing scripture to memory.  I participated in Beth Moore's challenge of Scripture Memory.  I memorized 2 scripture verses per month that I got to choose and I am thrilled that I completed it and did it!  I am still working on some of them - the word for word or really knowing the correct reference.  But others are strong and steady stored on my heart! Rejoice!  Scripture memory is not one of my strong points, and this was just my first step in the direction of doing better with that!  I plan to continue the memorization this year and maybe just focus on one per month instead of two.  Beth only does the actual challenge every other year...but was glad to get into this habit and really knowing God's living word.  I actually hesitated initially at even doing this because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to do it.  But God provided through Him I did it and I am so glad that I did! 

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from this year:

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