Sunday, July 20, 2008

Doggy Adventure

Well last week I was driving home from the grocery and came across a little beagle walking in the middle of the road. Being the dog lover that I am I stopped and he came right to me. After petting him I opened my car door and he jumped right in. Hummm, my first thought was that someone is missing a sweet little beagle puppy. He had no collar and after taking him to the vet, I realized that he was a little skinny and was covered in fleas. He must have been wondering for days. The vet was nice enough to give him a de-wormer and some flea and tick meds. I then drove around for about an hour going to different houses and neighborhoods to see if anyone recognized him. No such luck. I did find a man who said he may be interested in beagle man (that is what I called the dog) if I don't find his owner. I put up a few signs at some of the local businesses in our neighborhood. I was mostly worried that someone would be missing their family pet. I brought him home, much to Justin's dislike and he sat on our front porch and was just so happy. Well to make a very long story short...I called the guy the next day and he did want beagle man. It took us 2 days to finally connect but he did finally get to go to a new home. I've received no calls and haven't seen any 'Lost Dog' signs for a beagle. He is just so cute and was so good. He didn't like the back yard, but loved being on the front porch. So that is where he stayed for 3 days. It was a bit stressful, as I was so very worried that I was going to have to take him to the animal control shelter. Humane Society doesn't take strays - which bothers me because I thought that was what they were for. I'm sure they are totally overflowing, but still. It also infuriates me that someone may have possibly let this dog go or dropped it off. Either way why doesn't he have a collar. Who hasn't been taking care of this precious and sweet dog. People do it every day, hence the reason that the humane society is over stocked. OK - that was my small soapbox...I'm off.

It was a learning experience. I always want to stop when I see lost dogs wandering around but I have learned a valuable lesson that I became the one responsible for this pup once I took him in. It is also hard to balance a stray dog when I have two of my own and I didn't have a clue what this dog may have I never let Doc or Brinkley around little Beagle man, which was a back and forth in sharing the back yard. Justin asked me to not do this again - which he knows better and so then he asked if I will ONLY save dogs with collars so that we can easily find its home. I probably won't do it again (at least not for a while), but it was so very rewarding to give him to a new owner who was so excited to have a dog. He has a little girl who has been telling him that all she wants to do is walk a dog on a leash. Well, some sweet little girl now has a precious dog to walk. So that was my doggy adventure. Saving a dog is a lot of work by the way. And I will leaving you with some words of wisdom from my sweet husband..."You can't save the world one dog at a time!"

Stay tuned for our weekend update with the crews family...

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Cheryl said...

Good morning!!!
I am soooo glad that God has given you a heart of compassion. Since I have seen the results of hard hearts....You may have experienced some stress but that puppy would probably be dead if you hadn't taken him I think God thanks you and He probably had something in there for you as well.
Love you