Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend Update

We had a great and relaxing weekend. Friday night I made pizza and Justin marinated his butt (that is a Pork Butt) that he smoked all day on Saturday. As you can tell my kitchen was quite the mess between spices for the butt and the makings of the pizza crust. YUMMY! Needless to say we ate good this weekend. Because I also made blueberry muffins - box mix but replaced the canned blueberries with fresh (that Justin picked and we saved in the freezer). It was really cold most of the weekend and Justin built an amazing fire Friday night and all day Saturday - I love me a good fire and Justin has that down to a science. The Dogs enjoyed it as much as we did. I call them my fire dogs!

Saturday I also went to Babies R Us for a quick run through of what I plan to register for. A little over whelming, but I am just praying that God will guide and calm me through all of that. There are a few items that I have found that are online only at Target - is this ok or is it not such a good idea? Do I go with a bouncy and a swing or just one or the other? What are the other essentials that I should be registering for. I do have a list from a sweet friend who was kind enough to share, and that has been big help. But if you would like to share your favorite or most recommended baby item I am all about advise and suggestions from all you experienced mommies.

As promised, here are a few pictures of my belly. We are growing fast (all over!)

I had an amazing bible study lesson tonight, and I would like to share that with you one night this week but right now I'm headed to bed. Sleep tight and stay warm. Tomorrow in Bham the high is 35 degrees.


Tara said...

Aww! You look so cute (and tiny)! I love seeing the bellies grow! Keep us updated!
As far as items, I would say my favorite in the first few weeks was the Papasan bouncy/vibrating seat because the baby really feels secure in there. Brooks even slept in that at night and I would plop it on the inside of the pack-in-play in our room so I could see him at eye level when I would wake up. Some people do the same with carseats at night.
Also, the papasan swing was a favorite until he reached the maximum weight of 20 lbs. It swings forwards/back AND side to side. Brooks loved the side to side and "knock him out" like a sleeping pill quickly after being put in it.:)

becky said...

how cute are you??? definitely both for a bouncy and swing. when they are itty bitty's a bouncy is soooo good. do some research on the swing. the one i had was good b/c it reclined all the way, but had 3 low speeds and 3 high speeds and played music. mine could swing in it until they were around 7 months. i never had one of the papasan swings that go both ways, but they sure looked neat.

Lindsey said...

what a cute belly picture! i'm so excited for you guys. as for my opinion on baby things: a bouncy seat was a must for us. i borrowed a friend's swing and i was glad i did b/c my first HATED it (but she really didn't like much of anything except being held?!). now this is coming from a mom of almost 3, but i would invest in a GREAT rocker/glider for the baby's room. i thought we paid too much for ours back with our first, but now if i could go back, i would drop a few more on one! worth every penny! i also used the play gym floor mat thing a lot with both of mine. hope that helps.

The McDonalds said...

I love it & can't believe it at the same time!!! Oh! You look great. Enjoy every minute of it!
You MUST get a swing! We also have the one that swings in both directions. Miller is still a big fan at 6 months. Life saver...A Must & worth every penny!

Crazy Lady said...

I love those Bumbo seats...but the one I actually prefer is the Bebe seat (which is same thing, different brand). i have gotten those for my sisters recently.

try to borrow from people bouncers or swings if you can, but if not, buy it because everything is important.

and of course i love the wraps and bjorn carriers. they are essential.

i think the only thing i've never had is a bassinet, but i would like a moses basket.

Gail said...

Be sure and check out second hand stores for swings and such. Find a really good one. Good Will can shock ya, too! Ashley buys a lot of toys with the price tag still on them. She lets the boys play with them and she past them all on to the Army store for the needy kids. It's a neat way to rotate toys. You wouldn't believe the things she can find! You just have to look is all! good luck...God Bless...G