Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Korey Family

Yet another memorable Compass Lake weekend. We spent this weekend with my Dad's brother's (minus one) and their families. It was wonderful and relaxing. I'm including the below picture just for Uncle Ken who thought that Collier was the perfect child until Saturday rolled around and he wouldn't stop crying! Uncle Ken insisted that we have a picture of Collier crying....this one is just for you!!!

It was a really fun time to spend with family. Don't you just love when you have fun family and you make special memories with them. Collier sat in a floatie for the first time and LOVED it! My little water baby!

Today mom put Collier in the exercauser for the first time and he enjoyed himself to the fullest. He loved all of the activities and stuff that he could play with. I love to see him growing but am also sad. I look back at old pictures and realize how fast he is growing. Gosh and he isn't even one yet..much less in college. What am I going to do? Well for now, go to bed!

sweet dreams!!!!

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Gail said...

Larry..Never changes! How does he do that? Your baby is so darling and you look so great and just like a happy Mom. Thanks for sharing the fun times and seeing this LIL' guy growing up. You're right....Way tooo fast! So enjoy the now is all I can say...

The Skeldings said...

Enjoy each day...it definitely takes new meaning as a parent! I hope you are doing well. I can't believe how cute Collier is!