Monday, June 10, 2013

Collier's Busy Week

Collier was a busy man last week!  He started his first ever VBS!  Oh it is so fun and it brings back fun memories for me of going to VBS as a child.  This will be his first of two this summer and it has been a huge success. This week is at Dawson and I am so impressed with the organization and structure!  My sweet friend, Deidre has been so sweet and kind to share and snap pictures to send me through the day.  I am so thankful for this since I am at work and not able to be dropping off and picking up each day like I wish I could!
These two boys are so sweet and the biggest buds!

 Such cute room decorations!!
ok.  lets discuss this smile!  They took pictures of all the children and had them on the door and everyone had a sweet smile and then there is this one!  Oh Boy, this is one of those phases that I wish would hurry and get past us!  Anytime you say smile, this is the smile you get.  For him to have such big brown eyes, he can sure squint them up nice and tight!  Make'n Momma proud!?!
Collier and I went on a lunch date after VBS was over on Friday! 

So, in addition to VBS he also started swimming lessons in the evenings, last week!  He thinks that he can swim but he actually can't just yet.  That can be really dangerous but he is doing awesome in swim lessons.  He was matched with one other little boy who is the same age and at the same swimming level.  They are so cute and doing so good.  I am already much happier than I was last year at the Y Lessons!

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