Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How old is she?

People ask me this all the time and my normal answer is One!  Because she is one and for me to keep up with the months is extra work that my brain doesn't really want to HAVE to do... Math is not my strong skill - just ask my husband.  But when it comes to keeping up with her doctors appointments I am usually triggered and reality of how quickly time is slipping by suddenly reveals itself!  Kenley is officially 15 months and we had her check up and she passed with flying colors.  Here are her stats:

Weight:23.5 LB - 50th Percentile
Height: 32" - 75th Percentile

She is sort of a picky eater already, I think it is a texture thing.  Crazy girl won't even try ice cream but if she would I know she would love it!  She refuses any kind of chicken but loves to chew on carrots, eats plenty of grapes,strawberries, blueberries and watermelon.  Just like her brother did at this age, she enjoys a banana every morning after her bottle of milk.  She is still using a bottle and we are slowing transitioning to sippy cups!  Note to self...you need to go and buy some more.  She likes yogurt (as long as there is no fruit chunks in it) and applesauce.  Girlfriend can put down a hot dog and sometimes a little ham.  Any cracker is a good thing and makes her very excited...mention snack and she is in!  She and Brinkley are best of friends when it comes to sharing food [it goes both ways...I have to watch these two]. And more often than not whatever she is eating ends up in her hair!

this was her first rib...she loved it!
Speaking of hair, it is getting very light.  Everyone asks how she has such blonde hair.  The more it grows the lighter it gets.  Justin was a toe-head blonde when he was a baby so that is where she gets it, but I am certain it will darken up as she gets older.  Collier's has just like Justin's did!  Only time will tell.  It keeps getting longer and results in some serious bed head and post bath crazy hair!  I love it.  She won't leave a bow in as hard as I try!!! I need my little girl to wear big bows!
 As I have said before, she loves and adores Collier.  She follows him around and wants to do everything and anything he is doing.  When he is willing to give her attention, they usually end us giggling and playing so sweet.  The good news is that it does happen, every now and then!

 She makes the funnies faces and is very verbal.  She screams and likes to hear herself make different sounds and normally at a high pitch....I think this is a girl thing...Collier never did this! She is especially vocal in the car - moterboat and raspberry sounds are usually the loudest.  She also sings and it is the cutest thing ever, I would give anything to know exactly what she is singing.  In addition to the singing girlfriend likes to dance too!  My favorite is when Collier will play his guitar and Kenley will dance...cutest thing ever!!

Kenley loves the water...bath time, lake time, pool time and even just in the baby pool she will kick and blow bubbles.  She is my second water baby!

She is a great sleeper.  Naps twice a day and is ready to go to bed at 8pm.  She usually sleeps until 7:30 or 8am and is so happy when she wakes up.  She runs and jumps around in her crib when you come in to get her.  Such a joy and I love having a happy morning baby!  She snuggles up every night with her blankie and Lamby!
I am thankful to have her.  I love watching her develop and discover and grow.  She is truly a God-given gift and a blessing to our family.  

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