Thursday, November 7, 2013

And this is why..

I wanted to share something that has been on my heart.  I believe that most of you know that I have joined the Advocare team.  Since May, Advocare has become a huge part of our life and our family and I am so very thankful for it.  I have worked to keep a balance between my family, my full time job and my new Advocare life.  It is a new piece to the crazy busy puzzle but it is becoming a very key piece in my life.  It isn't because of the amount of weight loss, it isn't because of any amount of additional income, but it is about what this company represents and values!  And the friends that I get to work this with are amazing ladies who encourage and support in amazing ways.  I am so thankful!

I attended my first Advocare event this past weekend.  It was a ladies only event and it was amazing. It opened my eyes to learn what this company is all about and what it represents.  Lets face it, Advocare has amazing product...I mean really solid products but honestly the products speak for themselves.  It is no accident that Advocare was recently named  #1 by Yahoo Finance for Direct Selling.  Advocare has a Sci-Med board and members who are very smart and work hard to ensure their products do what they say they are going to do and that they are effective.  They are solid and having been on them now for a few months, really they are awesome!   But this Advocare life isn't about selling a is about changing lives! It is the quality of life that is gained by now having energy that I never had before. Food choices and cravings have all changed for the better.  The biggest change has been in Justin.  Before Advocare, about every 3 weeks Justin would tell me on Sunday morning 'it starts tomorrow'...the 'it' was whatever the latest diet he was forcing himself on.  It is with great joy that I say I haven't heard those words since May because after we did the 24 day Challenge we continued in those right food choices.  We naturally make the healthier choices and have stuck with it and it has made a difference.  Justin has lost over 30LB since the beginning of the year!  That is HUGE!! He looks AMAZING!!  I am so proud of him and he is still losing.  I am thankful that we were introduced to Advocare and that this change has taken place in our lives!

So, why wouldn't I want that same result for everyone I know?  I want to share Advocare with others so that they can have added energy and get stronger in their exercise or lose weight that they have been trying to lose.  To be able to help someone else to change habits for the better and feel better about themselves..that is what it is about!   Now, let me get on my soap box for a minute:  It is NOT about being skinny.  I have a huge heart for us ladies and our body image.  We are exposed to magazines, tv and social media that makes us feel like we aren't the greatest if we aren't as skinny as fill in the blank!  God created me and He created you and He doesn't want us to be the same or look the same!  It isn't the number on the scale.  It is about how you feel?  First, find confidence in yourself because God adores you and you should too!  So, how do you feel?  If you don't really feel that great about your body?  Have you been on every diet you can trying to lose those last 5LB?  Or like Justin, need to lose a bunch of weight that you've picked up over many years? Advocare has products and solutions that can help.  Are you exhausted by the end of your day?  Do you crash in the bed every night? Do you count down the minutes until your children nap so that you can also nap?   Advocare has products and solutions that can help.  Are you at a good weight and want to increase your exercise  momentum and stamina?  Advocare has products and solutions that can help!   You can feel your very best!  Now is the time!!

My parents have both done the challenge and lost weight and inches and have transformed their eating habits.  I have close friends who are doing the challenge and feeling better about themselves.  I have another friend who lost 10inches after doing the challenge!  When you see results it motivates you to continue to do what is working and that becomes habits.  What habits do you need to change to help you feel your very best?  There is something for everyone based on your needs!

One of the Doctors from the Sci-Med board was at the event last weekend and shared a lot of product knowledge and the biggest thing I took away was the importance of core nutrition.  In our society of being over served  and under nourished we need vitamins to fill in the nutritional gaps.  Even just some basic products can help to provide your body with overall health and wellness.  It is no different than cleaning the lent filter in your dryer or changing the oil in your do both so that the dryer and car will run at peak efficiency.  Why wouldn't you do exactly the same for your body?  You honestly can feel the best you have ever felt and be happier as a result because you will change habits and feel better about you!  Not that you need to lose weight (I don't) but my running is better and faster because I am healthier.  I take supplements to fill in those gaps.  I just want you to know that you can have better, if you're not where you want to be!  And that goes for physically and financially.  The financial side is a whole new post that I will share another time!  I am here if you have any questions.  I just want people to understand why I want to share, it is not to push product on you but because I want you to feel as good as I feel!  AMAZING!  And to understand that Advocare is a company who honestly believes and lives out priorities in life - of putting God and family first! They are about putting others first and honestly making a difference in someone else's life!  That is what I am after!

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