Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pumpkin Time & Fire Time

We didn't exactly make it to our normal Pumpkin Patch this year.  We have either been on the go or sick, and last Saturday Justin went to the Alabama game and I needed an easy activity since I was flying solo with the kiddos.  So we went to a church pumpkin patch that is only 20 minutes away vs. the other one that we like to go to which is about an hour away.  But this one isn't actually patch at all but had the biggest and best pumpkins I have ever seen.  But considering I had two kids and a stroller we settled for a precious little pumpkin instead.  The best part was both kids LOVED the hay ride and Collier wore himself out on the jumpies!  Kenley got in for just a few minutes but wasn't quite as interested.  The weather was perfect and it was the perfect outing that was close and easy to manage!

Last night we finally got to carve our Jack-o-Lanters and it was so fun.  We missed our Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Hunter, but with Kenley being sick we did a quick family carving instead.  Collier got to carve his very own little pumpkin...he had to clean it, draw his face and then cut it out (well the cutting part was mostly me, but he helped a little)  His favorite was getting to push the eyes and mouth out once we got done carving.  He was so cute, excited and proud!  As was I!


And just for the record, last Friday night we had our first fire of the season....earliest fire ever!  Never have had one in October but it was a good one to kick off our season.  The reason we love winter is a cozy fire.

Kenley has been sick this week.  Our first experience with croup..and I don't like it.  The labored breathing is enough to scare me and I just want to breath for her.  But thanks to a steroid shot, from our doctor visit, she is getting better. She isn't exactly well yet but is getting better with each day.  Nasty cough and a good bit of fever and I am praying that it will clear up soon!  Unlike Sunday night, she has slept good the past two I am thankful for that!  

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