Saturday, October 5, 2013

Can you believe... life gets so busy and how now matter how often I think about a post in my head finding the time to sit and type and upload photos just seems almost impossible.  I want to do better, but just can't seem to stay committed.  Work changes in the past 6 months (the company I have worked for the past 8 years was acquired by a larger company...CHANGE!!) have had me a little more distracted than normal.  I was just thinking this morning about how this is just a season in life and before long it will be different distractions and different ways of being busy.

First, Kenley is officially 18 month!  She is cuter than ever and growing all to quickly.  She is 25LB  (65%) and 33" Tall (75%) and doing great.  She knows the sounds for dog, cow, kitty, sheep and chops her hands for alligator and gives you the cutest nose wrinkle for a bunny.  She is still taking two naps most days!  She keeps us all on our toes as she loves to push buttons on any and all electronic devices she can get her tiny fingers on.  She is a mess!  She also adores Ceadermont Kids, just like Collier did (and technically still does) and will give her daddy the best snuggles..enough to make this momma a little jealous.  Either way it just melt my heart so watch the two of them.  She is very independent in her picky eating...she wants to do it all by herself and that normally ends up in a total mess.  Her favorite foods are crackers, apple sauce, yogurt, apples and bananas.

Collier has been doing amazing in school.  He is learning so much so quickly, and I know this has a lot to do with his wonderful teachers.  He loves to practice writing everyones names, and does great with his letters.  He does Soccer Shots and Bible study on Monday which makes for a long and busy Monday...especially for Nammy (Mom)!  He recently got to be on TV - Soccer Shots was doing a promo for an event and he and two other little boys (one of which is one of his best buds - Ethan) were playing soccer in the background, his big TV debut!  He continues to be a hard worker and loves any task that he can do.  He likes to help and be involved in any way possible.  Just today he wanted to work outside.  So he helped me clean out the tomato plants, put away all of the empty pots and containers and then decided to clean the filthy dirt covered table, all the way down to the legs.  He is great at doing dishes and vacuuming the house.  He is such a sweet little man.  He is also a good big brother 80% of the time...he has his moments when he just needs his 'space' but for the most part is realizing that she can be pretty fun if he will play with her.  She is never too far behind him anyway!

I love and adore this family that I have and am more than blessed to call them all mine!

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