Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Catch up

I have seemed to complain a bit about being on the go every weekend. It just occur ed to me that I am quite blessed to have friends and family who want us to spend time with them and vise-versa. Since we've been back from Napa we have been out of town every weekend. The first weekend we went to Mexico Beach with Mrs. Pam and Charles(Justin's Mom and Step Dad), along with Ryan and Eve (Brother and Sister-in-law). The guys fished both days and we gals got in some beach time. It was awesome to spend the weekend with all of them! Thanks to my dear friend Robyn the dogs stayed here. Robyn was truly a life saver and stayed at the house to keep the dogs, it was so perfect and I know that they had a blast playing with Sadie.

The following weekend we headed to Eufaula to spend the weekend with Mr. Randy (Justin's dad) for Father's day. It was so nice to get to sleep in both mornings and to get to spend the afternoon on the boat was great - Brink and Doc enjoyed it too!

Somehow I don't have any pictures from either weekend, I'll try and do better this weekend with taking some pix.

This weekend we are headed to Compass lake with some friends(Jeff and Crystal Wiggins). I'm looking forward to it being a relaxing weekend again and I do hope that the weather will be nice so that we can chill on the dock for the weekend. I know that Brinkley and Doc will be in heaven to play and swim for the weekend. Justin and Jeff are traveling this week and will meet us at the lake on Friday. Crystal, Caroline, Madeline (Jeff and Crystal's girls), Doc, Brinkley and me will all cram into my car to head down on Friday - it should be an interesting drive down.

I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend at home next week and then July will begin another month of visits and travel with more friends and family. Again, we are truely blessed and excited that we have had the time to spend with our friends and family - it isn't often that we get to spend quality time and really catch up with one another. Our family and friends make us who we are and Justin and I are both blessed to have such caring, loving and wonderful friends and family. Thankfully we both work for fabulous companies who give us flexibility and resources (company car) that make all of this travel much easier.

Ok, I think that will catch you all up with what we have been doing. Work and play and life is great. Love yall.

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Cheryl said...

You know we are so blessed with family and friends.
Thank you and Justin for working thru all the problems last weekend.
love you and am looking forward to the fourth of July gathering!