Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Butt Off 2009

Well, as before mentioned Sunday was the 5th annual Butt Off. The Butt Off started when Justin and Poe (Kevin 'Possum' Poe) wanted to know who could cook the best Boston butt. So, for the super bowl one year they both cooked and we (my parents and cousins) voted Poe had the best butt. Well from that point on it grew and grew. Justin and Poe are 'The Rules Committee'. They meet as often as possible and rules are discussed throughout the year. This year we had 8 cooks and about 20 or so judges - if you are not cooking you are a judge. The Patton's were kind enough to host this event at their house this year and it is always a day that is full of smack talk'n, lots of food eat'n and of course football watch'n. As you can tell from the pictures this has been taken seriously. T-shirts are printed, there is a winners trophy and a losers trophy (both decided by the judges). This year Jen kindly added official voting ballots, but in the past we've just torn off a piece of paper. The cooking started this year around 5:30am and butts were cut at halftime for the judging to take place.

It is so much fun, but I tell you that they bragging does now take place for the rest of the year. Congratulations to Poe for winning for the 3rd consecutive year - but I must brag and tell you that Justin's butt was awesome this year. It really was the best I have ever tasted and I'm not sure how he didn't win! He deserved it and it isn't because I'm his wife. As judges you really don't have a clue who's butt is who's you just vote and it was hands down for me that Justin's #7 was the best and certainly the best that he has ever cooked. All of the butts were yummy and they were very different tasting.

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Crazy Lady said...

this looks so hilarious and delicious. i want to be a judge. you just can't get food like that out hoo.