Sunday, February 1, 2009

Our Children

I have willingly confessed that we are not the best about being in church every Sunday. We certainly try and go when we are in town, but today is one of those Sundays that we did not make it. We have an annual event on Super Bowl Sunday called the Butt Off - it is a cook off (I'll post more on this later) but this requires that Justin start cooking/smoking his Boston butt at an early hour. This left me here this morning alone. I spend the morning in a quiet and peaceful house. I had my quiet time in prayer and then decided to listen to a sermon from my podcast. One of my favorite podcast is Francis Chan of Cornerstone Church in CA. He is amazing. He is real and speaks the truth of Gods word. He encourages and lights a fire in me to be a better and strong child of God. If you have not ever heard him, I encourage you to either join his podcast(through itunes) or just click here (click media and then sermons) and listen to any and all of his sermons.

The series that I am currently listening to is Living a Life that Matters. The one I listened to this morning was "Stop Talking". It was certainly focusing on our Children and the generation of our children. He prayed a prayer that knocked me to my knees. As a mother to be, for the first time, it set a fire in me to not only be praying for my child (which I do daily) but that I am called to pray for your children as well. I love to read all of your blogs and see what sweet mothers that all of you are - I also like to read about the reality of being a mother, joyful and hard as it may be. One thing that Francis emphasized in this sermon is the importance of praying for each others kids. I would love to pray for your children. I know most of their names (for the ones who I stalk your blog) but maybe some of you don't have blogs and just stalk read them. If you will leave the name of your child or children in the comments section I will be praying for them and their needs(you don't have to have an account).

Here is the prayer that Francis prayed. I think that it is a prayer that all of our children need:

' Father...I thank you that you love our kids more than we do.
God, right now I pray that our kids would fear you more than they fear us, more than they fear the police, more than they fear rejection from their friends.
God I pray that our kids would love you more than they love us more than they love their popularity, their giftedness, their boyfriends/girlfriends.
God may you be the greatest fear in their lives and the greatest love of their lives.
In Jesus Name we pray!'
I deeply want my son to be a follower of Christ. A child who will make an impact for the Kingdom of God. I pray that there isn't a day in his life that he won't know the love of God. I pray that when he has hard times that he will know that no matter what God understand and is with him through it all. I will be praying all of this for your children to.
After hearing all of this I sat on the sofa and baby Hicks went to kicking and I just sat and giggled with joy at being able to feel him moving around. I also have started talking to him (which I have to admit takes some getting used to). I told him about Doc and Brinkley who are going to be his greatest brother/sister pals when he arrives home. Fun stuff.
Now I'm headed to the Butt-off with Bacon Swiss Dip, Chips, Bread, Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls and a gallon of Ice Cream for our Peach Cobbler. I'll have plenty of pictures and details to post after the day is over! I also hope that Justin will be bringing home the coveted trophy for bragging rights for the year!


becky said...

ooo yay!! me first...Luke, Seth and Ally Claire. and i'll even give you something specific. luke and seth are serious about sibling rivalry these days. i have got to figure out how to get to their little hearts. i spend so much time breaking up fights, it becomes about peace and quiet, not loving their brother.

amy kennedy said...

please pray for our new little one too Shannon! miss hayes is adjusting to her new home and routines well but specifically we are looking for some good rest at night time! thanks-love you!! amy

Carrie Wells said...

We can always use extra prayer for Will and Caroline!! Thanks Shannon....that was a sweet post!

Gail said...

Sweet Girl, Thanks for sharing this site with us. I have enjoyed watching him, too. Hope you continue to feel great. Love, Gail