Sunday, March 1, 2009


If any of you know my husband, you will know that I am married to a snowman. When I say snowman I mean that this man loves the snow. Ever since we've been in Birmingham he has talked about it snowing and how he wants it to snow enough to be able to jump off of a porch into the snow. Needless to say that has never happened, but today we came close...well there was no jumping off of porches but we did finally get a good accumulation. I think that the most that we measured was 4". It was beautiful and so much fun, I hope that you got to see snow today (as for any of you that are up North I know this is a joke to you but it was so much fun today). We built a snowman and Brinkley had so much fun catching snow balls. The sun came out and it is now almost all gone. We're sad to see it go away and we certainly wish that it would have stuck around a little longer - but we are still very thankful that we got what we did!

Speaking of my snowman...We celebrated our 3rd anniversary this week. Hard to believe that we've been married for 3 years. I'm blessed to have such a fun and loving husband. He is a quiet type when it comes to showing affection, but when it is just the two of us he can be quite snuggly. It has been a fabulous three years and I look forward to so many more. Justin is going to be such a sweet daddy for Collier and I can't wait to see them together. It's been a good and hard week (more to come on that later) But I will say that today's snow was just a perfect ending to the week.

Yesterday Justin did some major work to get the bed out of the nursery and into his office(this meant major cleaning out and rearranging). Plus our washing machine had been acting funny, so Justin and my dad worked about 3 hours on it...they took the entire thing apart and found the problem and then put it all back together again AND it worked! I was impressed. At one point this was the conversation (as they were removing the back of the washer):
Justin: I'm about ready to say forget this and write a check for a new one
Dad: yeah but its a challenge now
Justin: Yeah we have to get this thing apart

Pretty funny to see the two of them working so hard. Not only did it get fixed but they did some major cleaning as the put it all back together - cha ching! Our washer is very old (it was Justin's parents at some point and is ancient) but I was thrilled to have a washer again and very appreciative of their time and efforts. We actually had to go to mom and dad's last week to do laundry because both of us were running low on clothes...yikes!

Have a great week and I'll have a very special post this week dedicated to a very special pup!

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The Skeldings said...

The next time we have a LOT of snow, I will be sure to over night Justin a large box to jump in!! The dogs looked like they enjoyed the snow almost as much as Justin.

I am glad to hear all is going well. Keep us posted with life! Hope your are felling good - you are in the home stretch now!! Love to you and Justin!