Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring is here! I love this time of year as beautiful colors return. My tulips are blooming which makes me so happy! We used the grill for the first time last night, which makes me happy and most importantly Justin put together the changing table yesterday which made me very happy! Let me tell you what else Justin did last night, he put new strings on his guitar and this also made me super happy. For some strange reason I think that it is sexy when he plays the guitar...TMI? He hasn't played in a very long time, so I was so excited when he bought new strings and tuned it up last night. I'm looking forward to him getting in lots of practice! I just love it.

It is raining here and I would love to curl up on the sofa and take an afternoon nap (I left work a little early today) but instead I have loads of laundry to fold. I know that you are jealous that you're not here to help me! :)

On the bambino front - I'm doing well and Collier is growing. According to the doctor everything is measuring exactly right. It is hard to believe that we are down to 2 months before he arrives - 8 weeks! Wow. I can't believe how fast time really passes. I have had several dreams of him being here and that is what I am most excited about - having him home and being in a routine as we begin our parenting life. But I have to be honest that as the reality of his arrival nears the actual delivery is also heavy on my mind. It is so much of an unknown that anticipating it is sort of scary. I know that God's plan and timing is perfect and I'm thankful that I have that to rest on....but that doesn't mean its not on my mind. Ok, off to fold laundry.


Our Family said...

Well, they do call it labor for a reason but it is one of the most AMAZING things you will ever experience!! Take it all in because you only do it a few times - I cannot imagine not having another one of those days - crazy I am saying this with a 2 month old and 2 year old but hope that we will experience it one more time -

Gail said...

Gosh...seems like just yesterday you shared this good news with all! Now...two months to go? How is that possible! Not to worry about anything, dear child. Pray about everything,and worry about nothing! Love to you and that precious baby boy! Gail

Crazy Lady said...

E-P-I-D-U-R-A-L and you will be fine.

everybody's got their own crazy stories, mine was that i kept fainting in the bathroom the next day.

I'm excited for you.

for my first one, i just remember thinking. i am strong. wow, we women are strong.

thats funny what anna said, because i think there are two kinds of people...my sister, in the delivery room says, 'i'm never doing that again' (but obviously she lies cause she has three under age 4) or people like me who say in the delivery, that is awesome, cant' wait for the next one. anna is more like me.

Crazy Lady said...

my mother in law had 9! and each delivery was different. she was a birthing machine. jason is number 4.

Anonymous said...

Labor was the scary part for me but I did way better then I would have given myself credit for! You will be awesome! And yes everyone is different. I was truly blessed it only took 4mins to push Madeline out :-)

Good Luck
Candace Evans