Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend Update

A quick recap of our weekend and then I'm off to bed. This weekend was my mom's birthday! She deserves to be recognized because she is so wonderful. She is a wonderful mom and now that I've gotten older she has also become a priceless friend to me. She does so much for us - usually without having to be asked and she does it all with a smile and willing attitude. I am so thankful to have her! Happy Birthday Mom, I love you!

For her birthday Chris, Amanda and Ashlyn came to Birmingham to surprise her! She was surprised and she LOVED having them here(I did too). It was really great to have them here for the weekend. I wish that the weather was better and we could have gotten out and gone to a park of something with Ash, we sang rain, rain go away all weekend. Ahslyn loves to be outside to it wasn't much fun for her to be stuck inside so much. She is so stink'n cute and such a joy to be with - not to mention she is so smart. Thank yall for coming!

Today, Justin and I stayed in the bed until noon! Yep you read that correctly...NOON! I did get up and fix eggs around 9:00 but crawled back in the bed and took a nap until about 11:30 and then it still took me 30 minutes to get out of the bed. The bad part is that we went straight to the sofa. Oh well, worthless and happy! People keep telling us to rest and sleep while we still can. Well here is proof that we are taking that to heart...especially today!

Night Night. HOpe you have an amazing Monday!
These are my favorite pix from the weekend....


Linz said...

Is that the cake you were making Friday when I talked to you? WOW girl! Very impressive! :)

Cheryl said...

Shannon, thank you for planning such a sweet surprise AND for the amazing yummy cake! It was soooo nice to have us all kept asking me what I wanted and more than anything I wanted us to all be together...I just need that right now and you did that without me asking so, thank you!
You are the best!
I love you,

Gail said...

Your Mom is special to me!!!! Glad you made her B'day so special! She is one in a million..Sweet girl!!! Love, Gail

The Skeldings said...

Hello there!! Tell you Mom happy birthday!!

Yes - enjoy your rest while you can!! I was thinking about you last night - hoping that you are feeling well. Your little bundle will be here before you know it!

Take care and let's chat soon!