Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Last Wednesday I woke up and started packing....I then jumped in the shower and it was a little cold but I was in a rush - Collier was in his bumbo watching Jack's Music show so I had to hurry. Well the water actually got colder instead of hot so it was an even quicker shower than planned. Justin was out of town (of course) and our hot water heater had rusted out the bottom! I called our handy man and he came to confirm all of that. This of course pushed my packed up ever so slightly..but 2 hours later Mom, Collier and me were on the road. Where was I headed...you may ask......
glimpse of heaven

Justin was working in the panhandle and was going to spend a few nights at the lake and we decided to join him! Well not working, but at least we got him at night. Yep, we left on Wednesday and stayed through Sunday! Perfect, did I mention it was quite and relaxing too! I couldn't have asked for more. The tree's have mostly turned to orange and when the sun sets in the evenings it really will take your breath away! The sun rises are pretty stink'n awesome too - but I would rather be in the bed at that time. Although I think two mornings I was up with one little stinker who has decided that waking up a few times at night/morning is fun.

Now, to that subject. I created the monster. Collier started not sleeping through the night about a month ago and it was because he had a little cold. Well, I decided I would feed him to see if that made him feel better. It usually did and he would go right back to sleep (fall asleep while eating). That's great that he goes right back to sleep, right? not when he gets up twice - usually around 12am or 1am and again around 4am. He is not starving, I've just created a bad habit. So now we're fixing that and he is crying it out! Not an easy task as a mom who wants to make her sweet baby happy. Last night he woke up around 1:30 and started kicking and chooing, which turned into crying and screaming around 1:50 and he finally gave in at 2:35. One hour, not to bad but in the middle of the moment it isn't fun or easy. I kept wanting to get up and just let him eat so that he would settle down and go back to sleep. I resisted and thought about how good it feels to sleep all night and I stayed my butt in the bed and prayed over and over that God would gently whisper and calm him down. I am prying that each night this week will be easier and easier.

Tomorrow I have a second interview with a company and I'm very excited about this opportunity. I would appreciate your prayers for very clear direction and if this is where I'm supposed to be to have the right words during the interview.

Here are a few more pictures from our fun lake weekend:


Amy Kennedy said...

He is so, so, so very cute Shannon-I can't stand it!! I know exactly how you feel about letting him cry it out. You are such a good mama! We did the same thing and I would lay there and stare at the clock until she finally stopped. Every night it got a little less until she finally stopped waking up. So hard to hear that crying though!! But I had to keep reminding myself our pediatrician said she's not hungry, just waking up out of habit. You're doing the right thing!! God already has your job laid out for you so do not worry. I know you already have that perspective. You'll do great!

Gail said...

Good luck with the interview! Prayers heading up for you! Knock them off their feet! The Lil' guy is so precious, truly! Love, G

The Skeldings said...

Have you had the interview??? Great photos of the lake. I remember when it was just land...memories of your mother making pancakes and ya'll attempting to get me to ski. Guess what...I still don't ski!