Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our Halloween Weekend

Was so much fun. We started off Friday night with dinner with Mom and Dad. We cooked Butternut Squash Bisque. I've been thinking about Squash soup since summer time (we had it at a friends rehearsal dinner....about 5 years ago...recently!)and for some reason it popped into my head. I don't eat soups in the summer so I've been thrilled now that its gotten cooler and I've been searching for the right recipe. It was perfectly served with pork tenderloin and bread. Just right! Saturday we went to Mom and Dad's to watch football and carve our pumpkins....very late to do that this year, but we were glad to get them done. Justin always wants to do scary faces and I always want happy faces! We really liked how they turned out! Justin and Dad boiled a HUGE pot of peanuts and built a fire in the outside fire pit. Collier really enjoyed watching the flames in the fire - he would stare at them as they moved and popped around. Collier the puppy arrived after dinner and was so stink'n cute (if I can say so myself). I think I took a million pictures but I'll spare you and just show a few of my favorites!

Today, we have tried to be lazy, but the weather was beautiful and it was calling us to come outside! After little man got in a good nap we enjoyed lunch on the front porch - Brink was thrilled that Collier was eating on her level. She decided she would try and help with clean up! Then we decided to go to the park and it was just perfect. He really liked the swing, it took him a few minutes to figure out his balance but once he did he really liked it. He was all cozy and situated and could have probably fallen asleep!

It was a fabulous and fun and busy weekend.

Collier is still waking up during the night...last night we were up 4 times again! YIKES. I am praying that tonight will be a little better. Justin's mom is coming to spend a few days with us and we're very excited about her visit with us this week!

I'll continue to ask for prayer for God's clear guidance with my job. And of course that sweet baby Collier would feel better soon. I would really appreciate it. Happy 1st of November!


Amy Kennedy said...

I want the recipe for your squash soup. We eat lots of soups in the fall/winter months and that one sounds delish. Love all the Halloween pics of Collier. I need you to teach me how to do the collages.

The Skeldings said...

Great photos of little Collier! Hope you guys are doing well - and remember - everything will work out the way it is suppose to...keep the faith!!