Friday, October 30, 2009


and growing way too fast! Sweet Baby Collier is 6 months today and I am beside myself. He is such a sweet baby. We go to the doctor next week so I'll have official stats to post then. But he is basically sitting up on his own, only with a few tumbles from time to time. He could careless about rolling over but reaches for everything. If he can see it he will stretch and reach for it as hard as he can - which means throwing all of his weight in that direction. He giggles and talks a lot....talking (cooing) more and more in the past week.

Although the past few days have been tough. He hasn't been sleeping through the night...Wednesday night he was up 4 times! And he has been a bit stuffy/runny nose which has resulted in him being slight more fussy. Plus the drooling has started and I assume that this is the beginning of our teething process. Poor little booger! I can only pray that he will be able to handle the pain and all that comes with it. I'm asking for God's help through all of this.

I'm so excited that tomorrow is Halloween! I'll be back soon with some precious pictures of our sweet little man and here is a little sneak peak!

You didn't know we had a new little puppy did you?


The Skeldings said...

Love your recent posts! I am running a little behind as my transition left me without internet access the past couple of weeks!

I can't believe how much Collier is growing. He looks so much like Justin! (Amazing how that happens!)

Have a great night trick and treating! Can't wait to see the photos.

Amy Kennedy said...

What a precious little puppy! Happy 6 months sweet Collier! It's going too fast. I am with you on getting up in the middle of the night! We did it alot last week and found that it was ear infections. I hope his waking up does not turn into that! Such a cutie pie-thanks for sharing the sweet picture. Happy halloween!