Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Who knew?

I think that I've mentioned before that I am making Collier's food. It has been fun and it is a bit time consuming, but I do enjoy it and it is very easy. Cook, process, freeze...

So far he has enjoyed apple sauce and sweet potatoes. Yummy! This week I decided we would try green beans. So, last night I got home and went straight to the kitchen to get our dinner ready as well as Collier's dinner ready (he was just having sweet potatoes, but I did want to go ahead and get the green beans done). So, I put together spinach lasagna for Justin, mom and me and put it in the oven. I then cleaned, cut and steamed the green beans. My plan was to process the beans after we were done eating and after Collier had gone to sleep for the night.

Turned out that Collier was very tired and fighting it all at the same time, which resulted in about a 30 minute crying screaming fest. In the middle of all of that the lasagna was ready and I hated for it to get cold, so mom and Justin went ahead and fixed their salads and then Justin and I switched Collier so that I could eat my salad. Of course, Justin's shoulder seemed to do the trick and he finally settled down and was out cold. I was finishing my salad and Justin and mom came in with their dinner plates. Justin's plate piled high with Lasagna and green beans! I just chuckled.... Poor man, loves beans and I am not a bean person. The only beans that I do eat are green beans and Justin just loves every kind of bean/pea but since I don't eat them we normally do have them. He was so excited to be getting some beans that he didn't find it the least bit strange that I was serving green beans with lasagna. Who does that? Mom on the other hand thought it was strange, but just decided that we must be really increasing our vegetable servings...spinach lasagna, green beans, salad....she of course was to polite to ask until I told them they were for Collier. Justin just wondered why I didn't season them!

All of that to say, that I usually boil my green beans - I've even done them in the oven with Italian dressing. But never have I steamed them and it turns out they are pretty good steamed and of course seasoned with a little salt and pepper. So, tonight it was chicken and steamed green beans for us! I did finally get Collier's beans made and he will be tasting them for the first time this weekend. If his taste buds are anything like his dad's....he'll love them! And now, we have a new cooking method for our green beans.

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Anonymous said...

Hey girl, it's Molly. Love all your posts!
I need some tips on the baby food :). I have a great food processor and have pureed squash, cauliflower, and brocolli but have not done sweet potatoes or green beans before. I'm a member of Grow Alabama and get a fresh veggie delivery once a week so when I can't make use of everything I puree it to use in receipes (which I really have only done a couple of times) but I'd rather use it for baby food that I can go ahead and start stock piling. Do you have any idea of how long it will keep frozen?
What do you use to store it in?
Let's talk on Monday night!
You should check into Grow Alabama especially if you cook alot and eat alot of fresh veggies. I have done if for a year or two now and LOVE IT! Great program and well worth the money. I'm not a great cook so it makes me learn new receipes for all the veggies we get- one of which has been butternut squash as we get it alot this time of year.