Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Have you ever needed a third hand and then decided to just use your mouth instead?

We had such a fun weekend. Saturday morning I got up bright and early and completed my 7 mile run with my running group. It has yet to be sunny and warm for our group runs....although I think I would rather it be a little cooler than to warm! Anyway, 7 Miles is my LRE 'Longest Run Ever' and I'll have many more of those in the coming weeks. Then on Sunday I ran my CRE 'Coldest Run Ever' 33degrees! That was very cold and would rather it be a little warmer or at least have the sun shinning bright to warm me up a little! I'm getting sidetracked. Back to saturday afternoon...we drove to Talladega with 6 other friends to go to the AWF Wild Game Cook-Off. We got to taste all kinds of 'wild game' and enjoy the festivities. It was certainly different and people watching was certainly at its prime in such a location!

Sunday brought the 6th Annual Butt-Off....Our very own cook off. Every year on Super Bowl Sunday we do a Boston Butt Cook Off and it always is full of fun, food and laughter Oh and the Super Bowl of course. The butt-off is a very big deal in our family. Justin starts smoking VERY early and cooks all day and does all that he can to ensure that he has the best BUTT. This year we had 4 cooks and about 40 people present to vote (if you don't cook, you vote!) I normally take a ton of pictures but when you have a little money it sort of changes your ability to walk around and snap photo's. It was really so much fun and although Justin didn't win....he only lost by ONE vote.....I certainly thought that he deserved to win! His butt really was delicious. To give you an idea of how big a deal it is....we even have t-shirt's and a trophy, how great is that! Collier had fun at his first ever Butt-Off although by the time the game was over he was WAY past nap time and I couldn't get him to go to sleep in my arms. Pop's had to take him home and Grammy gave him a bath and got him all ready for bed! Aren't grandparent's just the best!

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