Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wednesday Collier had his 9 month check-up...Yep you read that right he is already 9 months and he is a grow'n! That little stinker is 19Lb 1Oz and a long, off-the-charts 31" tall. Doctor said that everything was wonderful and he is perfectly healthy! Couldn't ask for a better report. We're clear until he's........1 year old! Yikes that is sneaking up on my quicker than I care to know. I wish I could keep him this age forever! Oh well, back to reality.

He is scootching all over the place and is still trying to stand up in the middle of his crawls. This boy loves to stand up and would much rather be standing than crawling. But since he can't walk he will resort to crawling for the time - not sure if its really a crawl with one leg in front. Last night he found Brinkley's bowls and thought it was great fun to splash in her water! It was funny but will probably be quite a task to keep him out of it! Another new thing (thankfully has only happened once) Tuesday night I put him down around 9pm. After about 1 minute I heard him crying and it sounded different. I went and go the monitor (Video and the best thing we own!) and couldn't see him...moved the camera around....I knew he was in there because I could hear him crying....moved the camera up and yes he was standing in his crib screaming! How in the world did he do that? I was shocked and I was a sucker...because I went and picked him up. We rocked for a few minutes and got him settled down before I put him back down for the night. too funny!

TRAINING UPDATE: I ran 4 miles yesterday, alone, on a treadmill! I usually have my running partner but today it is rainy and she isn't a member at my gym and I needed to get my 4 miles completed this week. Saturday we will run 7 miles with my training group. This will be the farthest I've ever run. I think the most that I've run is actually 5! I did ok today but running on a treadmill is BORING!

We have a fun and eventful weekend ahead. I'll be sure to share all of our events and adventure as soon as I can!

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Amy Kennedy said...

Oh Shannon I love those big brown eyes of his! He is sooooo CUTE!! And I can't believe he's already 9 months. Time is crazy flying by. I remember when Hayes stood up like that in her crib the first few times and she was so proud but she could not get back down so I would have to lay her back down. Enjoy those rocking moments, they are so sweet! And good for you for training for the marathon. I'm super impressed and I know you'll do great!! Good luck w/your runs!!