Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My goodness I feel like I can't get caught up! My house is a disaster and I can't catch up with the mess and the piles but I'm going to work hard the next few days to accomplish just that. This work thing really seems to get in the way of cleaning! This morning I got up and folded a basket of laundry only to have filled two more baskets through out my day. I know that I'll get caught up eventually! Its funny how I can get the laundry done but never seem to get it all folded. Sometimes I think that I just need someone to come and fold my laundry and vacuum my floors once a week.
We had a wonderful Easter! We slept in and went to the late service and it was beautiful and joyful! We have so much to be thankful for in that Christ died for our sins and yet defeated the tomb for our sake. He is risen indeed and have hope and security in His sacrifice and resurrection! Praise be to Him. It is quite humbling to think of how Christ loved even me, a nasty sinner, enough to become fully human, life a perfect life (with out blemish) and die a painful death for the forgiveness of my ways. I am so thankful for His love! Overwhelming!

Saturday night, Collier said Momma for the first time! I was so excited and thrilled. I don't think that he know who momma is because he crawls straight to Brinkley saying "momma mommma ma ma ma ma mamma" I try and tell him that is Brink and that I am his Momma and no light bulb has gone off in his little head yet! Eventually he'll get it - I guess. Maybe I'll be Brink and Brink will be momma...that would be interesting!

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