Thursday, April 1, 2010

Only One To Go...

This post is 2 days late, but Collier is officially 11 months! I CANNOT believe it! He is walking more and more everyday and just makes me laugh and smile, well except when he is screaming and I know that he is in pain with those bad ole teeth trying to break through his gums - that makes me sad. What a joy he is! He loves to be outside and anytime the door opens he makes a bee-line for the door. He has started showing his frustration by throwing his arms down straight and shaking by tensing up all of his muscles! Very headstrong and knows exactly what he wants. He also squeals in delight when he gets excited, this is one of my favorite sounds. He waves bye bye. He is climbing the stairs at mom and dads. He loves and adores Brinkley - he sits in front of her with is mouth wide open trying to give kisses and of course she reciprocates and licks him in his mouth - Yumm! He is very attached to his monkey and giraffe lovey. He has stopped nursing at night (which makes me very sad) and only nurses for a few minutes in the morning. I knew that I wanted to nurse as long as possible and am thrilled that I've been able to do it this long! I do love the sweetness and closeness when nursing him, so it makes me sad that it is ending! I love being able to provide for him! I also strongly attribute it to his wellness through winter time. He is just growing up on me and becoming a little man! I am so thankful for him. I'm thankful for the blessings that God has given to us through Collier.

Mom took him by to meet the Easter Bunny and she said that he crawled around him and felt his fuzzy fur but didn't sit in his lap. Too funny! Here he is giving kisses to his new Easter Chick Basket that his Mela gave him
I have started to think and plan his birthday. We're doing immediate family only and am looking forward to a fun day to celebrate with our family. Any suggestions I'll take for a 1 year old birthday!

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Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

What a cutie pie! He is adorable, Shannon!!